The elegance of wood in service of high aesthetic, functionality and ecological building. The minimal appearance of aluminum systems, reflecting the modern design.

Starting from 1998, the FINESTRE Company had and still has as main activity, systems of wooden frames, with many projects - especially in insular environment - and many excellent applications, creating a big name in wooden frames marketplace.

The FINESTRE responds in modern requirements for energy savings and respect for the natural environment, drawing on the raw material (wood) the nature and put in, where else?.... Again on nature, traditional architecture, traditional houses and buildings on Aegean’s islands coasts or residence in the city center with its own architectural id.

To cover all requirements using new and more modern materials, FINESTRE also exclusive offers systems and aluminum frames with minimal - invisible profile thickness 20mm., The Swiss firm WEEEZE (Swiss technology), which have the ability to cover large surfaces (from roof to the floor) without limit to the view and also structures with angular drift which unify the space, without intermediate profile (compounds or uprights)

Our range of aluminum systems, complete with SCHUCO profiles, which are also offered with integrated solutions and applications.

Also the FINESTRE represents exclusively the largest Italian company in the European market (with a lot of activity in America) Brombal Serramenti systems & steel Inox steel frames, with all construction opening typologies, also with slim profile. The specially finish paint (cor ten) offers profiles with old style appearance (rust type).

For all our products offer you a complete installation services from specializedand officially certified crews.

Scientists, architects, interior designers and special technicians propose solutions responding to specific aesthetic and functional requirements of each project. The security of products and services of FINESTRE ensured by certificates from all certification institute (Institute Certification Rosenheim, ISO, CE, IFT etc.) and the customer takes with them all factory and construction documents and guarantees depending on the productyouselected.

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