Diversity of this class interior doors imprinted with various techniques of paint finishes , including: Polished (gloss) polyester paint in veneer or lacquer - embossed / brushed surface - artificial aging with bumps & cracks - type cracked with cracks or tears - patina and detail with peels gold etc.  


Collect internal doors with unique philosophy that could be works of art, style and construction after being chosen unusual materials to create them. One can choose among models: Curved door (full) - lined with stone - leather with quilted details or entirely of leather - with projects in veneer (marquetry) - arched - type antique - windows vitro - drawings and painting by hand - frames with inox - artificial aging - decorative headboards with corner beads and carvings of various types - ledges carved with cuneiform trim etc.


These doors dominate as an option since they can easily fit every character & style interior and additional recoverable because all the shades in veneer or lacquer paint.


Pantograph doors which may have the potential infinite design yields a linear incisions, which are formed on the surface of the door leaf pantograph.φο.


The classic paneled inner door option that one can encounter in home city, mountain or sea. The abundance of the layout and design of linear panels, offers a wide range of models and countless possibilities for choice


This type of inner door , fit as an option especially in areas such as leisure gym , spa or playroom, as well as corridor doors with lack of natural light , but also in offices . The windows to the frame is toasted (anti fragments) to avoid accidents, thickness 8mm. Some of the choices of mosques are: tinted, opaque, satin, bronze, colored, patterned, rulers etc. The leaves can have around a wooden frame or be entirely of glass, with hinges & lock specific type


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