Exterior doors (main entrance)


Laminated - plywood oven, 10-12 degrees, relative humidity combined with natural & artificial drying. Casement section 68mm x 82mm., laminated - plywood. Sheet thickness 68mm.X114mm., With panels of plywood thickness 45mm. Skip sealed with silicone (standard version). Inner sills, cross 10mm 60 mm. And external flashings section 10mm 30 mm. 5-point lock. Knob standard (same type glazing) to the main entrance. Soaking Flow-Coating and final painting with water soluble lacquer 4 stages, with protection filters UVA (absorbers) from the sun ultraviolet radiation.
Tow seals on the frame. Auto windshield, the bottom sheet to protect from wind aluminum sill with embedded water drip.

In FINESTRE HELLAS you can find exterior doors in a variety of designs (adjusted to the architectural requirements of each project) and typologies.

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